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September General Body Meeting

Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Agenda

Chair Report / Officer’s Reports

Ward 7 Dems Officer Reports, Committee Chairs and Democratic State Committee Members

First Vice Houseal moves to approve the agenda. Second Vice Marshall seconds. Motion passes.

Rec. Sec Davin moves to approve the minutes. Second Vice Chair Marshall seconded. Motion passes.

Old Business


Karim D Marshall Esq, 2nd Vice Chair, Ward 7 Dems

Second Vice Marshall moves that the Ward Seven Democrats adopt the bylaws as amended. Sergeant at Arms Brown seconds motion. Motion Passes.

New Business

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) Resolution

Dr. Delia Houseal, 1st Vice Chair, Ward 7 Dems

Leniqua’dominique Jenkins, Chair of Issues & Policies, Ward 7 Dems

Budget & Fundraising

Brandon Scott, Treasurer, Ward 7 Dems

Guest Speaker

The Honorable Mayor Muriel Bowser

Community Announcements Closing Remarks Adjournment


  1. Latisha Akins

  2. Tiffany L. Brown P

  3. John Capozzi

  4. Kevin Chavous

  5. Lawrence Davin P

  6. Dorothy Douglas

  7. Tony Dugger P

  8. Wendell Felder P

  9. Theni Freedom

  10. Vincent C. Gray P

  11. Lauren Grimes

  12. Philip Hammond

  13. Delia Housel P

  14. Chioma Iwuoha

  15. Leniqua’dominique Jenkins P

  16. Alan Karnofsky

  17. Dionna Marie Lewis

  18. Karim Marshall P

  19. Kareem McCraney

  20. Brandon Scott P

  21. Naprisha Taylor P

  22. Keith H.Towery

  23. Myski Valentine

  24. Dexter Williams P

Meeting called to order at: 10:05

Quorum: yes


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