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October General Body Meeting

​​I. Meeting Details

Meeting Leader: Wendell Felder, Chair

Secretary’s name: Lawrence Davin

Date & Time: Oct. 23rd, 10:00 pm

Location: Zoom

II. Attendees

  • Latisha Akins

  • Tiffany L. Brown

  • Lawrence Davin

  • Dorothy Douglas

  • Wendell Felder

  • Delia Housel

  • Leniqua’dominique Jenkins

  • Alan Karnofsky

  • Dionna Marie Lewis

  • Karim Marshall

  • Brandon Scott

  • Naprisha Taylor

  • Keith H.Towery

  • Dexter Williams

III. Absentees

  • John Capozzi

  • Kevin Chavous

  • Tony Dugger

  • Theni Freedom

  • Vincent C. Gray

  • Lauren Grimes

  • Philip Hammond

  • Chioma Iwuoha

  • Kareem McCrane

IV. Call to order

Chair Felder called the meeting to order.

Rec Sec. Davin moved to approve the minutes as read. First Vice Houseal seconded the motion. Motion passed.

V. Old Business

As of 10/21, there is $5,307.97 in the checking. The savings account has not been opened. The organization has received $2,640 in donations.

VI. New Business

Council women Sivlermane explained redistricting.

First Vice Chair shared tips on how to use the redistricting map.

VII. Other items

Eboni-Rose gave announcements about upcoming legislation.

Ambrose Lane gave announcements

VIII. Adjournment

Motion made to adjourn meeting. Motion passed.


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