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Lorraine Whitlock Scholarship Fund

We are incredibly excited to reintroduce the organization’s long-standing tradition of investing in the continued education of college-bound Ward 7 youth who have a heart for civic engagement. Through this tradition, we are also able to honor the scholarship’s namesake, Mrs. Whitlock, a former educator, and civic activist who has played an instrumental role in advocating housing rights, mental health policies, and championing education reform.

2022 Awarded Scholarships:

This year we were able to support four amazing young people as they take the next step in their educational journey. Check out the details below!


Antony Crump is a 2022 graduate of Idea Public Charter School in Northeast Washington. Antony says, "college is important to me as a Ward 7 resident because I can now have the ability to continue my preferred profession, live out my childhood dream, and prepare myself for the next level of life". Antony will be attending Virginia State University.

Makyah Moss is a 2022 graduate of the newest high school in Ward 7, Eastern High School. Makyah thinks it is important for youth and young adults to be involved in the political process because they are the rising generation, and she believes it's good to be involved and have knowledge of what’s taking place in our world. She will be attending Virginia State University.

Dalaina Brown is a 2022 graduate of Cesar Chavez in Northeast Washington, D.C. She says, "college is important to me as a Ward 7 resident because I don’t see many of my neighbors have the opportunity to attend college. I feel like if I go for the degree I want (Master’s in Social Work), I could definitely make the community better". Dalaina will be attending the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Lavar Streater is a 2022 graduate of Friendship Collegiate Academy in Northeast Washington. Lavar says, "it is important for youth to be a part of the political process because in the future it will affect us majorly, particularly when it is our time to vote and shape America into the country, we believe that it should be". Lavar will attend Delaware State University majoring in Computer Science.

Kick-off Event Photos


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