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June General Body Meeting


  1. Tiffany L. Brown P

  2. John Capozzi

  3. Kevin Chavous P

  4. Lawrence Davin P

  5. Dorothy Douglas

  6. Tony Dugger

  7. Wendell Felder P

  8. Vincent Gray

  9. Lauren Grimes

  10. Philip Hammond P

  11. Delia Houseal

  12. Chioma Iwuoha

  13. Alan Karnofsky

  14. Dionna Lewis P

  15. Karim Marshall P

  16. Kareem McCraney

  17. Brandon Scott P

  18. Naprisha Taylor P

  19. Keith H Towery

  20. Myski Valentine P

  21. Dexter Williams

Meeting called to order at: 10:05

Quorum: yes

Approval of agenda: Tiff motioned KM seconded. Agenda approved.

Ward 7 Dems Officer Reports, Committee Chair Reports and Democratic State Committee Member Reports

Chairman gave report:

  1. Chairman spoke on behalf of Ward 7 Dems at David Rhett home going

  2. Raised awareness about the June 26th canvass

  3. The Chair made appointments to committees. See attached deck, slide #5.

  4. The Chairmen gave an update on the 100 Day Plan. See the attached deck. Slide #6

  5. Recording Secretary launched poll for logo choices

  6. Recording Secretary Davin reviewed minutes from the last meeting.

Sergeant-at-arm Brown made a motion to accept the minutes, Second Vice chair Marshall second. Motion passed.

Myski Valentine gave an update on Ward 7 . Reach out to Myski if you have any information. your first meeting in July. 3rd Saturday. Ward 7 dem council chair marala dean. Want to work with Mr. Towery to engage younger voters. Local businesses want to partner with books to give away.


Ward 7 Council Member

Vincent Gray

Council Member At-large

Robert White

Q&A session

Ward 7 Dems will work with CM White office on the Halfway House written position budget and will provide a follow up at the July meeting.

Old Business

100 Day Plan Update

Treasurer Scott gave a budget assessment. See deck slides #11-21

Second Chair Marshall moves to approve the annual budget, establish a savings account and establish a brokerage account. Sergeant at Arms seconds the motion. Motion passes.

The Second Vice chair moved to approve the budget, establish a savings account, and to establish a brokerage account. Sergeant at arms seconded. Motion passed

New Business

  • By-Laws update given by Second Vice Chair

  • By laws open house on July 10 10am-

  • Kickball Classic

11:25 - 11:35 am Community Announcements

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