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July General Body Meeting


  1. Tiffany Brown

  2. John Capozzi

  3. Kevin Chavous

  4. Lawrence Davin

  5. Dorothy Douglas

  6. Tony Dugger

  7. Wendell Felder

  8. Vincent Gray

  9. Lauren Grimes

  10. Philip Hammond

  11. Delia Houseal

  12. Chioma Iwuoha

  13. Alan Karnofsky

  14. Dionna Lewis

  15. Karim Marshall

  16. Kareem McCraney

  17. Brandon Scott

  18. Naprisha Taylor

  19. Keith H Towery

  20. Myski Valentine

  21. Dexter Williams

Meeting called to order at:

Quorum: yes

Approval of agenda:

I.Ward 7 Dems Officer Reports, Committee Chair Reports and Democratic State Committee Member Reports

  • Chairmen gave his report. He spoke on the Kickball game, the August recess, and our fundraising goal for the summer.

  • The chair also announced fundraiser to be held in September

  • Treasure was not present. Chairmen Felder gave the report. As of the July meeting there is $1665.17 within the account.


Eboni-Rose Thompson

Ward 7 Representative, DC State Board of Education (20 mins)

Mysiki Valentine

Young Ward 7 Democrats, Chair (20 mins)

III. Old Business

Bylaws Update (5 min)

IV.Community Announcements


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