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April General Body Meeting

Meeting Meetings

I. Chairmen Felder called the meeting to order at: 10:10am

II. The following executive committee were in attendance:

  1. Wendell Felder

  2. Delia Houseal

  3. Karim Marshall

  4. Lawrence Davin

  5. Brandon Scott

  6. Tiffany Brown

  7. Naprisha Taylor

  8. Dexter Williams

  9. Dorothy Douglas

  10. Tony Dugger

  11. Chioma Iwuoha

  12. Keith H Towery

  13. Dionna Lewis

  14. Kevin Chavous

  15. Myski Valentine

  16. Vincent Gray

Swearing-in Ceremony

Coucilmemeber Gray sworn in the new Ward 7 Dems officers. Officers are are follows :

  • Delia Houseal- First Vice Chair.

  • Karmin Marshall- Second Vice Chair

  • Brandon Scott- Treasurer

  • Naprisha Taylor- Corresponding Sec.

  • Tiffany L.Brown- Sergeant at Arms

  • Lawrence Davin- Recording

Chair Report/Officer’s Reports

  • Chairman announced he was sworn-in on April 1st 2021 at the D.C. Democratic Committee Monthly Meeting.

  • Chairman announced two appointments.

    • Myski Valentine for the Young Democrats chair. Spoke briefly on starting a graduation fund for students

    • Dionna Lewis, appointed to General Council.

Committee Reports

  • No committee reports

Mission & Purpose of the Ward 7 Democratic Party

  • The Chairman spoke on the mission of the Organization.

    • Inclusivity ,cohesiveness , camaraderie, transparency, internationally, intentionally.

    • Contribute to the growth of the party. Increase knowledge and participation.

Guest Speaker

  • Charles Wilson, Chair of the DC Democrats State-Committee

    • Spoke on the purpose, mission and structure of the DC Dems party

    • Q&A session

Old Business

  • Second Vice Chair Marshall spoke to the by-laws update

    • Asked for members to join the by-laws committee.

New Business

  • Treasurer Scott gave a budget update

    • $1386.87 current balance.

    • Org going to focus on budget spending and saving.

    • See powerpoint for for full report


  • The Chairman spoke on the Proposed 100 day plan.

    • Voter Registration Turnout

    • Strengthen Org Infrastructure

    • Advocate for Ward 7 Priorities

    • Community outreach and civic engagement

Chairman spoke on the structure of the organization and showed a flow-chart (see powerpoint).

  • First Vice Chair Houseal spoke on Committee Chair opportunities.

    • Bylaws

    • Budget and Finances

    • Fundraising

    • Issues and Policy

    • Voter Education

    • If interested please fill out interest form or email Ward 7 Dems

The Second Vice Chair Marshall spoke about precinct captains opportunities.

Community Announcements

  • Ambrose Lane

    • Health alliance network May 3rd

    • May 13th interviewing Dr.Anthony Fauci.

    • Spoke on the City Comp plan and how it will exacerbate the racial inequity


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