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Candidate Forum

We are excited to host our 2022 Candidate Forums for Mayor, Attorney General, Council Chair, and At-Large Councilmember. The forum is a two-part, hybrid event that will give Ward 7 residents a chance to hear directly from the candidates running for these offices.

If you're interested in volunteering for the forum, click here

February 26 - Part I 

  • 10am: Council Chair

  • 1pm: At-Large Councilmember

March 5 - Part II

  • 10am: Attorney General

  • 1pm: Mayor

Submit Your Questions

Help us develop questions for the candidates!

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Meet the Candidates

Click on the candidate images below to see their responses to our questions.


Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 10.06.00 AM.png

Muriel Bowser

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 12.05.20 PM.png

Michael Campbell

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 10.08.13 AM.png

Trayon White


Leland Core

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 11.59.28 AM.png

James Butler


Robert White

Headshot Profile Picture (1).png

Andre Davis

Attorney General

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.02.37 PM.png

Ryan L. Jones


Kenyan McDuffie

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.04.36 PM.png

Brian Schwalb

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.05.24 PM.png

Bruce Spiva

Council Chair

Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 6.17.36 PM.png

Calvin Gurley

phil mendo.jpeg

Phil Mendelson

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.03.20 PM.png

Erin Palmer

At-Large Councilmember

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.12.42 PM.png

Anita Bonds

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.13.26 PM.png

Sharece Crawford

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.14.47 PM.png

Nate Fleming

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.15.20 PM.png

Lisa Gore

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.16.52 PM.png

Leniqua-Dominique Jenkins

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.18.32 PM.png

Ambrose Lane Jr.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.19.42 PM.png

Bradley Thomas

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 11.03.47 PM.png

Dexter Williams

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 6.14.42 PM.png

Charles Oh**

*Attendance is tentative
**Declined invitation
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